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First Place - Award winning entrepreneurial company in Australia 2015

Winner - 2014 Drake International award for Innovation

Winner - 2014 Smart Company top entrepreneurial company in Australia 

The Passionfruit Mojito


Promotional Drinks for Tradeshows, Exhibitions, Fairs and Conferences.

Our goal for you:  Lure key potential VIP customers & clients to your stand with sophisticated and deliciously made mini cocktails and mocktails.  Whilst everybody else is serving the same sweets and chocolates, why don’t you break from the crowd and offer freshly made gourmet mocktails or cocktails? Simply put - there is no other product or service you could possibly offer which draws as much excitement and attention as these deliciously crafted drinks.  The connection of your brand with your potential clients will be clear - quality, point of difference, complete satisfaction.

Rate of success: Liquid Infusion has teamed with hundreds of companies such as Vodaphone, Phillip Morris and Telstra by providing promotional drinks solutions for an array of different products and services. The success rate has been phenomenal, it is not uncommon to increase traffic to your stand by 300% and therefore increase valuable leads. Managing directors, CEO's and senior decision makers are reduced to kids in a candy story as they watch charismatic bartenders mix up their favorite drinks. The perfect time to strike...

An example package
Bar hire - $500 These visually stunning LED promotional bars illuminate and change to any color via remote control.
Bar branding - $150 our bars can be completely wrapped to your companies branding and still be illuminated from within.
Bartender - $50 per hour. Our mixoligists are trained for friendly interaction and drawing in the crowds as they masterfully concoct a delicious beverages whilst interacting with your guests.
Mini Mocktails + Mini Cocktails $2.50 each and $3.50 each respectively. Made from only the freshest ingredients and expertly garnished these bite size delights pack a huge punch of flavor and leave a positive lasting impression for your brand.
Designer glassware - $1 per glass - our imported premium plastic ware speaks volumes about presentation and attention to detail. it is not uncommon to get just as much attention for this glass ware as we do for the drinks themselves.

We can work within any budget to create a beverage solution for your next project. enquire now to discuss with one of our mixoligists.



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