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Christmas Party Catering Melbourne

Great ideas for Work Christmas Parties in Melbourne


Christmas parties can range from large cocktail parties to smaller intimate office get togethers. When you are planning a party there are a few key points you should look out for. Every good party planner knows that great drinks catering is at the heart of all successful office Christmas parties.There are a few standard rules that caterers and party planners alike abide by to guarantee that everyone has a great time and enjoys a fantastic event.

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General party tips                                                

* Choose a date well in advance - Dates in December do book out well in advance for reputable suppliers and check suppliers availability prior to committing to an idea.
* Don't make the Christmas party a complete surprise or nobody will want to attend the event - It's good to let people know what may be happening - for example, that there may be a a mobile bar for the night serving delicious beverages for the event.
* Think of clever invitation ideas for your party. A good invitation can set the tone for the entire event and increase attendance rates.
* Only use reputable party suppliers, do some research and ask some questions - ask other Christmas suppliers if they have heard of your potential suppliers - it's a small events world and sometimes a recommendation from a company you trust can save time and headaches.

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* Make sure to ask your guests well in advance the types of drinks they prefer - cocktails may be wasted on a beer drinking crowd.
* Perhaps a Christmas themed cocktail or your company's own signature cocktail could help lift the spirits, help with branding and add a bit of fun all at the same time
* Don't be afraid to be adventurous - ask what else can be done - serving drinks in test tubes for example or creating smokey effects with dry ice could help spice up the party.


Themes can range from less expensive options through to more elaborate events. If the budget allows, organise a theme designer or decorator for your Christmas party otherwise much can be done with a bit of time and some imagination.

* Think of the best theme ideas for your Christmas party. Know your staff and do not attempt to go too far so that people will not participate - sometimes something simple such as a casino royal theme or a James bond party can work wonders.
* Be different - don't try and recirculate the same end of year event ideas from years before even if they worked back then - people like to be refreshed.
* Search google for "Best Christmas theme ideas" or theme ideas for staff Christmas parties" to help you plan your work function.

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Christmas Venue ideas in Melbourne

Did you know the best place to host your event could be at the very place you work. These days you can get almost anything to come to you, including mobile dj's, entertainment options and even a fully equipped mobile bar. Having a function at your workplace means that you can pick and choose your event rather then have every aspect of it lumped on you as you would at a function centre or restaurant. 

* If you are having your work function away from your place of work try to keep it as close as possible - you cannot please everyone but if you keep it close to headquarters then at least staff will be understanding.
* Ensure you have professional cleaners booked in as soon as the party finishes - day to day operations may occur the next day and all your hard work could go to ruins if your boss walks into messy office.
* If you haven't enough space or worried about mess, try a marquee in the car park - look at local parks too as it's fairly easy to obtain a permit these days.

Sensible drinks ideas

Christmas is a time to drink and be merry, although reputations can be destroyed if too much alcohol flows, so keep the following in mind when providing drinks for staff:

* Ensure senior staff are present at all times
* Request that the drinks be made with less strength as the night proceeds
* Ensure there is plenty of light beer, soft drinks, juices and water available
* Designate someone resposible to keep an eye out on fellow staff and to let the bartenders know when somebody has had enough.

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